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To help restore and reunify children and their families, we use an integrated approach—built on Christian principles—that models home life, emphasizes education, and incorporates individual, group and family counseling. Eagle Ranch equips children and families with the skills they need to help them overcome the crisis in their life.

Our aim is for renewal: of the child’s individual purpose and identity; of positive relationships among family members; and of hope for a more promising future for everyone we serve.

  • Homelife

    Eagle Ranch is dedicated to modeling a Christ-centered family for the children entrusted to us.

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  • Counseling

    Professional counselors seek to identify family behavior patterns and help each member learn new ways of relating.

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  • Education

    The SACS-accredited Eagle Ranch School for grades 6-9 is focused on preparing students for their future.

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A Family You Know

Eagle Ranch boys and girls come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. We partner with their families to help them navigate through whatever crisis they may be facing. Learn how children and their families find hope and renewal at Eagle Ranch. See all Testimonials