Our programs include Homelife, Counseling, Education, and Spiritual Life

An Integrated Approach

Eagle Ranch is a courageous choice for children and their families. Boys and girls spend 24 months living in a therapeutic environment that challenges them in every area of life–spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical. Eagle Ranch teaches children how to evaluate their daily choices and understand the consequences of each decision. We help boys and girls see how all areas of their lives are connected and understand that the past doesn’t have to define their future.

The Eagle Ranch campus is located on 315 acres of woods and pasture, feeling like a rural neighborhood. While children learn the value of hard work and discipline, they are able to enjoy the simplicity of childhood. Families stay connected and involved with the program throughout their child’s stay.


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Our campus includes neighborhood-style homes staffed by professionally trained Houseparent Couples and Program Assistants who:

  • Provide a structured and stable home environment
  • Live and teach principles for healthy family relationships
  • Reinforce positive decision-making
  • Share family meals and activities
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Our team of Licensed Professional Counselors benefits the whole family, including siblings that may still be living at home, by providing:

  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Parent support groups and educational events
  • Continued Care counseling to help families succeed after completing our program
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Our SACS-accredited, on-campus school helps children close any existing academic gaps and promote success through:

  • Small classes with a certified teacher and paraprofessional
  • Targeted goal-setting and instruction
  • Read 180 intervention program
  • Exploratory classes to broaden horizons and build life skills
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Spiritual Life

Families thrive when faith is their cornerstone. Our Spiritual Life team provides guidance and ways to connect with Christ through:

  • Bible studies in our homes and devotions at Eagle Ranch School
  • Family instruction, mentorship and worship nights
  • Involvement in local churches and youth groups
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