Mike and Kim Flory

Grace Home Houseparents

Mike and Kim are the Houseparents in the Grace Home and have been married for 27 years. Mike grew up in Florida, while Kim grew up in Massachusetts. They met at Chili’s Restaurant when they were both at Florida International University. She was a waitress, and he was a cook. They got married in July 1994 and moved to Georgia when they got back from their honeymoon.
Mike and Kim heard about Eagle Ranch from former friends who were Houseparents. They visited them one day after church and couldn’t sleep that night! They filled out an application for the position soon after in April of 2003, but were told it might be a year or two before they were needed. However, they were called the next month and became Houseparents in the Hope Home for 5 years.
Kim went on to teach Math at Eagle Ranch School for 14 years while Mike worked in sales. In January of 2022, they felt a prompt from God to come back to houseparenting, and are now serving in the Grace Home.