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Admissions Process

Admissions ProcessEagle Ranch is not an emergency shelter or short-term program. The admissions process may take up to four weeks, and an application must be completed by the child’s legal guardian. To get started, call the Ranch office at 770.967.8500.

The following is an overview of our process. As you move through these steps, we continually evaluate if our program can meet your family’s needs. If the Eagle Ranch program is determined not to be the best option for your family at any time in the process, we will provide a list of referrals upon request.

Step 1: Contact Eagle Ranch to speak with a staff member and answer a short series of questions.

Step 2: Our Eagle Ranch Intake Counselor Contacts You to help walk you through the process.

***Necessary Documentation. Some of the paperwork required includes an application, school records (academic & behavior), and mental health documentation as determined by our Intake Counselor. Our Intake Counselor will direct you when each of these items is needed.

Step 3: The Initial Family Interview. Our Intake Counselor will set an appointment for an interview with your family and complete the first clinical interview.

Step 4: Final Interviews. You then meet with the team your family may be working with as well as our Director of Education.

Step 5: Acceptance or Referral. If accepted into the Eagle Ranch program, additional documentation will be needed for admission, and your date of admission will be determined.

Have more questions? Please call 770.967.8500 or email for more information.