My name is Hunter and I am a 22 year old Quarter Pony.  Before coming to the Ranch, many years ago, I was a Hunter/Jumper pony.  I love food (a little too much!) and still enjoy popping over an occasional jump.

Little Bit

My name is Little Bit and I am a 28 year old Paint Horse. I have been at the Ranch for most of my life and love attention. If I had my way, I would get brushed for hours everyday. I am very mild-mannered, a good teacher, and I love snacks.


My name is Cooper and I am a 21 year old Arabian.  I love trail riding and exploring – anything that gets me out of the arena!  I am playful and have a big mischievous streak.


My name is Scout and I am a 4 year old Paint/Arabian Cross.  I was orphaned and rescued as a baby and just started training undersaddle.  I am playful, independent, and always the first to run to the fence to say hello!


My name is Cowboy and I am a 13 year old Warmblood Cross.  Before coming to the Ranch, I was a Barrel Racer and trail horse.  I am shy and sensitive and love hanging out with Scout, my best friend and pasture mate.


My name is Fitz and I am an 9 year old Miniature Horse!  I am shy, gentle, and the staff tells me I remind them of Eeyore.  I am very observant and love watching my bigger horse friends go on rides.  I enjoy the occasional walk and love napping in the sun.