Soaring Futures Endowment

Helping Children & Families Soar

In the midst of every crisis comes a turning point. Struggles reach a crescendo where the outcome may take an upward turn toward hope or a downward turn toward destruction. Since 1985, Eagle Ranch has been committed to intersecting the lives of children and families in crisis to help them experience healing, hope and positive futures.

The Soaring Futures Endowment was created to sustain generational change in the lives of children and families in northeast Georgia and metro Atlanta. The endowment will provide long-term operational support for Eagle Ranch, ensuring that children and families in crisis have a trusted partner for decades to come.

Our goal is to grow Soaring Futures to support 25% of Eagle Ranch’s annual operating budget. We remain reliant on God’s provision through annual donations to provide Eagle Ranch’s remaining needs.

“It made a big impact on me, and I’m a better husband and father because of it.”
-Jonathan Avery, Eagle Ranch Graduate

Soaring Futures Endowment

How does it work? An endowment is a fund created to help sustain an organization over time. Contributions can be made as a one-time gift, an annual commitment, or as part of your will or estate plan. The fund is invested, and a percentage of the annual earnings help support the organization’s budget.

The Soaring Futures Endowment currently funds 12% of Eagle Ranch’s annual operating budget. This endowment helps ensure we have on-going funds available regardless of fluctuations in the economy and seasonal nature of philanthropic giving. Eagle Ranch is supported solely through private donations, and nearly half of these donations are received in the final few months of each year.

Endowments grow over time and help organizations keep pace with the economy. Your Soaring Futures gift will continue to grow with the fund and will continue to contribute to the futures of children and families for many generations to come.

“If I never had Eagle Ranch, I probably wouldn’t be able to hold a steady job, wouldn’t be married or have children.”
-David Cauthen, Eagle Ranch Graduate

How Can I Help?

Many of our annual donors wish to make an additional commitment to the long-term success of children and families in our community. Here are just a few ways you can invest in future generations through Soaring Futures:

  • A one-time or annual gift
  • Non-cash gifts such as stocks, real estate, IRAs, life insurance and more
  • A gift through your will or estate plan
  • Endowing a specific need

We can help you determine how to be part of Soaring Futures in a manner that is tailored to your needs and wishes by working directly with you, or in partnership with your financial or estate advisor. We also have advisors available for consultation, if desired.

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