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Eagle Ranch is a close-knit community of caregivers, counselors, educators and administrators all committed to helping further our mission.


Eagle Ranch provides a unique mission opportunity for couples looking to stay close to home. Houseparents are married couples who live full-time in an Eagle Ranch home to provide care, nurturing and structure for up to seven children going through a crisis. By modeling a healthy family, houseparents create a therapeutic environment where children are able to attain goals established when accepted at the Ranch. Additionally, they develop a relationship with each child’s family and help assimilate them into the Ranch program.

Click here to read more about becoming a houseparent at Eagle Ranch.

Program Assistants

Program Assistants are recent college graduates who support the Eagle Ranch program by partnering with Houseparents and other staff members to provide care for up to seven children going through a crisis. They help create a safe, stable environment where children can work on their issues and practice new behaviors.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Program Assistant.

To view a current list of positions available at Eagle Ranch, please visit our employment page by clicking the block below.

Current Employment Opportunities