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Director of Education

Eagle Ranch is now hiring a Director of Education. Position to begin June 2020.

REPORTS TO: Senior Director of Program



  • To lead Eagle Ranch School (ERS), a SACS [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] accredited on-campus school for grades six through nine, designed to promote and increase the educational success of Eagle Ranch (ER) residents.
  • To assist the treatment staff in facilitating positive educational outcomes for the Eagle Ranch residents in grades three through five and ten through twelve in other surrounding schools close to the ER campus.
  • The Director of Education serves as the educational leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations, and procedures of ERS ensuring that all students are supervised in a safe learning environment that meets the approved curricula and mission of the school. Inherent in the position are the responsibilities for scheduling, curriculum development, personnel management, student behavioral management, emergency procedures, maintaining accreditation, and facility operations and upkeep.


  1. Oversees ERS staff – recruits, hires, sets expectations, develops, mentors new teachers and manages/evaluates teachers, para pros, and school administrative staff. Assists as needed in the classroom when teachers are absent.
  2. Along with the Academic Support Coordinator, monitors academic progress of each ERS student and, with updated academic and behavior goals data, meets weekly with those students in danger of failing to mentor/strategize/encourage continual improvement.
  3. Coordinates ERS program and calendar with the ER residential program.
  4. Annually reviews curriculum options available and makes selections based on the needs of the ERS students.
  5. Assesses education program for quality and adherence to standards.
  6. Observes and evaluates instructional practice for each subject and recommends improvements, as needed.
  7. Trains staff on latest instructional methods and facilitates an ongoing professional learning community.
  8. Overall management of student behavioral through incentives and employing a consistent ranch-wide “choice/consequence discipline model.”
  9. Works in tandem with Senior Director of Program and ER counselors to ensure integration between the residential program and educational programs.
  10. Oversees and, along with the Operations Manager, manages the financial/budget dimension of ERS and overall maintenance.
  11. Maintains and supervises an after-school and summer tutoring program for ER students in grades three through twelve.
  12. Facilitates and maintains a working relationship with Cherokee Bluff High School and Chestnut Mountain Creative School of Inquiry who have ER students enrolled.
  13. With the Academic Support Coordinator, selects testing/evaluation tools and directs the testing/evaluation process to monitor student progress and make appropriate instructional decisions based on testing data.
  14. Oversight and supervision in all matters pertaining to updating ERS accreditation processes and status.
  15. Spiritual leader who works in tandem with Director of Spiritual Life in cultivating and nurturing spiritual life among ERS staff and students.
  16. When called upon, represents ER at churches, civic clubs, and other groups.
  17. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director and/or Senior Director of Program.


  1. Evangelical Christian who, in word and deed, lives out his/her relationship with Christ and is an active member of good standing in a local church.
  2. Passion for helping children, who struggle academically and behaviorally, to develop their God-given potential; must understand and support the importance of the ERS adaptive curriculum that promotes small group instruction, differentiation and other educational pedagogies that will help serve the unique challenges of ER children.
  3. Model the “love of teaching and learning,” perseverance, humility, encouragement.
  4. History of passion and giftedness for teaching and shepherding others.
  5. Judicious administrator of ERS resources with entrepreneurial vision to lead and inspire by example.
  6. Self-motivated and energetic leadership style – able to stimulate staff to inspire children in overcoming learning barriers and difficulties.
  7. Excellent communicator – ability to articulate and translate the ER vision, values, mission, goals, and philosophy into appropriate forms and language to ERS staff and outside interests.
  8. “Out-of-the-box” thinker – not entrenched with traditional educational approaches, but willing to collaborate with ERS staff in finding creative approaches to nurture and cultivate children’s giftedness, critical thinking skills, learning styles etc. Well-read and conversant in the understanding and discernment of educational models, latest educational research and trends.
  9. Healthy and emotionally stable character that is skilled in cultivating/promoting good and strong relationships with ER and ERS personnel. A team-player who is highly approachable, flexible, amicable with a good sense of humor.
  10. Self-motivated and able to multi-task and prioritize effectively.
  11. Good business and educational acumen.


The following years and/or experiences are not meant to be absolutes, but rather are intended to ensure a certain level of responsibility, maturity and longevity in a role modeling educational leadership.

The following skills and leadership experiences are important:

  1. Masters level in educational leadership with a minimum of 3 years of experience in education.
  2. 6+ years combined teaching and administrative experience OR 3 years leadership as an Instructional Coordinator or Assistant Principal OR Experience as a School Administrator or Assistant Principal in a small/special needs school.


Email your professional resume with a cover letter to the attention of Bob Baker, Director of Human Resources, at and we will contact you.

Feel free to review application at this time, but please don’t submit unless you have been contacted to do so. Thank you.

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