Eagle Ranch Growth Leads to New Staff Position

Senior Director of Program to Oversee Expansion of Program Reach

Eagle Ranch has begun its search for a Senior Director of Program, a position created to manage the recent expansion of the Eagle Ranch program. The new role is designed to provide inspiration, leadership and oversight to the mission function, ensuring a fully integrated approach to Eagle Ranch’s childcare and family ministry.

“Over the past several years we’ve extended the reach of our program further into the community,” said Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director Eddie Staub. “With the addition of new educational opportunities and services, we found we need a leader to oversee this expansion and help staff leverage our resources and expertise to the fullest.”

Some of the notable ways Eagle Ranch has expanded its reach include:

  • The addition of a Director of Spiritual Life to teach, counsel and minister to children and their families as well as Eagle Ranch staff;

    Workshops with nationally recognized experts are one way Eagle Ranch has expanded its community focus.
  • Expansion of an aftercare counseling program for families after their child has returned home;
  • Increased educational resources for children and families currently served by the Eagle Ranch program;
  • Continuing Education Unit trainings for professionals in counseling, education and social work related fields; and
  • Educational workshops for the public.

“Not long after Eagle Ranch opened in 1985, I began receiving calls from other people who wanted to start or retool children’s programs. That resulted in The Wings Initiative, which has helped more than 1,000 individuals in the U.S. and internationally,” said Staub. “Our organization has always had a strong desire to give back and share so that more children and families can find help through crisis. We’ve received increasing requests to share our expertise in a variety of areas and have worked to meet these needs.”

The Senior Director of Program will begin duties in Spring 2017.  For a full job description, list of required qualifications and instructions to apply, visit EagleRanch.org/senior-director-program.

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