Behind the Scenes: Summer Fitness Challenge

We have a saying at Eagle Ranch: Need drives vision. The Ranch is always seeking new ways to engage the boys and girls in physical activity. So, it was serendipitous when Cory Faubion connected with Caleb and Kelly Williams. The success of the summer fitness challenge is leading to expansion of our physical education program to include more activities such as those learned in the challenge.

Answered Prayer

Faubion Family
The Faubian Family (left to right): Annabelle, Cory and Sarah

Kelly: Caleb and I wanted to do more community work. I was on my weekly prayer walk one day in December (2015) and felt like God was prompting me to look into Eagle Ranch. I knew about the Ranch because we live in Flowery Branch, but I wasn’t sure what helping would look like. I came home and talked with Caleb.

Caleb: I emailed the Ranch to offer our help with a fitness or weightlifting program. We didn’t realize at the time that Cory, who had actually visited our gym in the past, was looking to start a similar program. So when he called us, we felt like God was putting it together.

A Vision for the Future

Cory: Naturally, I’m a team builder. I like the strength and encouragement a team can provide. But not everyone has an opportunity to be supported in a team environment, whether that team is in sports, or even just your family. I want to remind the boys and girls what they can do as individuals, to make connections and tap into and bolster their resiliency.

I’m hoping to refine this program and offer it regularly at the Ranch and other places. I’ve recently gotten involved in Steve’s Clubs, a national nonprofit that offers Crossfit training to at-risk youth. I think there is so much potential with physical activity and helping kids manage stress and become more aware of their bodies.

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