Know a family who needs help?

Many families hear about Eagle Ranch from their therapist, school counselor, ministry leader, friends or family. We help boys and girls struggling behaviorally, emotionally or relationally, reaching a crisis level that can’t be resolved while they are living at home. We believe that good communication and a working relationship between schools and community partners are essential in providing the best direction and care for a family.

Ready to Refer a Family?

After reviewing our placement requirements and determining that your client may be a fit, you may contact our Admissions Team directly by calling 770.967.8500 or emailing We value the insight and the history you provide, and together we can collaboratively determine the direction for the child and family.

Click here to view Eagle Ranch placement requirements.

Family Therapy Resources

If you are a therapeutic professional, please feel free to use the following handouts as you work with your clients:

Emotions Sheet

Roles in the Family

Layers of Family Roles

We believe good communication between schools and community partners is essential…