Placement Requirements

The following list serves as a guideline for our requirements of children and their families. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Admissions Counselor at 770.967.8500.


  • Applicants for the residential program need to be ages 8 – 15 at admission. Occasionally we have a few spaces for children who are in the 10th and 11th grades: please call and check our current availability.
  • Average age of applicants is 11-14.
  • Minimum IQ of 75.
  • Mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems.
  • Grades 3-5 and 10-11 are served through a hybrid educational program that consists of an online curriculum and in-person teachers. Grades 6-9 are served face-to-face at Eagle Ranch School.
  • No history of sexual offending behavior or sexual perpetration.
  • No active suicidal or homicidal threats, ideation, or behavior (if history of suicidal or homicidal threats, ideation or behavior, a review of psychiatric/hospital records will determine appropriateness of placement at Eagle Ranch.)
  • Average length of stay is 24 months.


  • Child’s family must reside in the state of Georgia within 80 miles of the Eagle Ranch campus in Flowery Branch, GA.
  • Family involvement with the goal of reunification. Must provide a home for child every other weekend, holidays and school breaks.
  • Family must be willing to meet at the Ranch to participate in all counseling and parent-support group sessions.
  • Child must have health insurance.
  • Eagle Ranch works with many different family situations; however, we do require involvement in our program from key family members (e.g. parents with joint custody must both be involved).

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