The Wings Center

The Wings Center  Services

Outpatient Counseling
A central initiative of The Wings Center is to provide outpatient counseling space and services for individuals (children and adults), couples, and families who live in the surrounding community of Eagle Ranch. Primary services include:

  1. Marriage and Family Counseling
  2. Individual and Group Counseling
  3. Evaluation and Assessment

While practitioners at The Wings Center will primarily be focused on providing outpatient services, there will be a close collaborative and consultative relationship with Eagle Ranch. Click here to inquire about an appointment.

The Wings Center will also offer spiritual formation programming and on-site retreat space and experiences for families and other individuals. A particular emphasis will be placed on serving parents, pastors, counselors, and business leaders. Primary services will include:

  1. Educational programming and experiences
  2. A chapel and sacred space for private retreats
  3. Spiritual formation opportunities that will include spiritual direction, intensive retreats, and taught retreats
  4. Structured “Soul Care” programing for pastors in the surrounding communities

Organizational Consulting
The Wings Center is headquarters to Wings Consulting, a global consulting and mentorship program of Eagle Ranch to equip others. It offers guidance to children’s programs and other nonprofits who are getting started or retooling their programs. From advising and strategic planning to sharing best practices, a wide range of support is offered.

Please call 770-967-7170 to find out more information.

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If you are interested in contributing to the James W. Webb Wings Center, contact Kelly Brewer at 770-967-8500 or Friends and family of Jim Webb, click here.